8 Super Easy Marketing Tips for Twitter

Twitter Marketing

If you’re going to advertise on Twitter, you need to understand the ins and outs of the platform, it’s users and the goals of your business before you start. Twitter is powerful platform that leverages your brand and it’s message to many customers.

We’ve conducted a survey of twitter users to see how they use the platform and what they aim to get out of it. This will give you a better idea how to market to them.

The Results:

Socialising: 27%
Professional Goals: 26%
Marketing and Networking: 17%
For Work: 12%
Self Publishing: 8%
Research: 10%

Whilst you can see that a diverse range of goals are the reason behind why people use twitter, you should note that the majority of users engage in twitter in a professional manner, not for leisure or social like facebook.

What does this mean for your brand and the strategy you should employ on twitter. Here’s 8 quick tips we’ve compiled.

1. Have a consistent brand

Your twitter account, like all social media profiles, should be consistent across all platforms including your own website. It helps keep your message standardized and doesn’t jar your customer as they switch in between.

2. Listen to your customers

With the help of Hootsuite (free) and other tracking tools, you should monitor for company mentions and/or conversations relating to your business vertical to remain on top of conversations and convert users in all phases of the buying life cycle.

3. Get out there and talk

If people are talking to you in the real world, you wouldn’t ignore them so don’t do it on twitter. If someone tweets your company – don’t ignore them. Engage with them and you can be on your way to social media success.

4. Speak relevently

People don’t use twitter to hear you bash out boring content. Twitter followers want interesting content to digest. Give it to them. Know your target audience. Is it a B2B crowd? A B2C crowd? Does your audience skew younger or older?

5. Measure measure measure

What is your goal on Twitter? Do you want to get more followers? Simple – buy twitter followers! Do you want to engage with your customers – then you need to win them over.

6. Be clear in who you are

No one likes a phony brand or message on twitter. Like your mother used to say – be proud of who you are. You may lose some customers but in the end the customers you do have will love you and be more engaged.

7. Don’t wander aimlessly

You don’t leave home without a map. Define your plan of action, set an editorial calendar and follow it. Set up hootsuite to monitor the conversation. Talk with your followers.

With these tips in mind, set out and find your social media success and good luck from the guys here at Get Twitter Followers.